Language English
Author: Becca Fanning
Series Rodeo Bears
Published: September 8th 2016
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.89

Gemma hated cowboys. Some people hated things because they didn't understand them. That wasn't the case here: Gemma knew cowboys all too well. Growing up in Nevada, she had her fill of the big hats and bigger egos. She moved out of her daddy's ranch the second she could and went about becoming downright civilized. Now, the next bucking bronco that crosses her path might find himself a gelding. Colby lived in eight second bursts. On a bull, that's all the time you had. You had to respect a massive beast who could easily stomp your skull into the dust if you crossed it. You had to be at your very best for those eight seconds. Pure adrenaline, pure focus and pure concentration. But the devil must've heard his plans because right as he was about to chase his glory, he knocks the wind out of some little metropolitan thing. He knew he could take a girl's breath away, but this was ridiculous... This 10,000+ word Novella contains western rodeo cowboy Bear Shifter hotness, a Happily Ever After, No Cheating and No Cliffhanger! Also included are some free bonus stories as my thanks to you.

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