No Vacancy: Global Responses to the Human Population Explosion

No Vacancy: Global Responses to the Human Population Explosion
ISBN10: 1932717080
Pages: 230
Language English
Author: Michael Tobias
ISBN13: 9781932717082
Published: March 3rd 2006 by Hope Publishing House
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00

The human population surpassed 6.4 billion in 2004 and will, at current growth rates, reach 13 billion by 2100. Most analysts see enough positive trends to reduce that demographic Mount Everest to as few as 9 billion people. This number will still represent an enormous challenge, given rates of resource depletion. No Vacancy provides a ray of hope in the population arena-hope that turns on the fact that women are telling us what has to happen if the human species is to survive. Comprehensive and global in scope, this in-depth survey of the human overpopulation dilemma is based on interviews shot around the world for the feature documentary film No Vacancy. These remarkable interviews encompass the opinions of internationally renowned thinkers and scientists, including Paul Ehrlich, Chris Flavin, and Lester Brown, as well as the voices of other committed individuals who reveal how women's and children's health needs have led to couples having smaller families, thereby diminishing the global ecological burden. Uplifting scenarios, methodologies, and on-the-ground programs include: Islamic clerics in Iran achieving fertility replacement whilst providing health services for 95 percent of all families A Mexican family-planning organization using unique grassroots methods for demonstrating safe-sex methods with creativity and humor Indian and Indonesian field workers going door-to-door, providing services with compassion and common sense Ultimately, No Vacancy provides rare optimism for a remarkable transition to sustainability. Dr. Michael Tobias, a renowned global ecologist, has over 30 books and 100films to his credit and is president of Dancing Star Foundation.

Robert Gillespie, president of Population Communication, has advised governments and international bodies on population issues for 40 years. Elizabeth Hughes, a film writer, directs programs for Population Communication. Jane Morrison, an editor and film producer, is executive vice president of Dancing Star Foundation.

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