Your Spouse, My Sponsor 3

Your Spouse, My Sponsor 3
Pages: 268
Language English
Author: Pebbles Starr
Published: February 20th 2017
Goodreads Rating: 4.00

Kirby and Grip's lives are seemingly perfect to those around them. They're together, in love, and even legit now that they've given up a life of crime and drug dealing. However, there's only one problem standing in the way of their happily ever after...a person from their past who's unable to move on and set upon vengeance.

Princess and Kaleb have always had their differences, but they manage to make it work despite the many obstacles--one of which being a tenacious, new love interest that can't let go. Can these young newlyweds survive the chaos, drama, and temptation surrounding them? Or will they crash and burn underneath the pressure of it all? Jazz and Pluto are a match made in hell, but both of them are too stubborn to admit it. Will this toxic couple finally succumb to the secrets and treachery that plague their relationship? Or will they triumph and prove everyone, including themselves wrong? After all, the odds have been stacked against them since day one. If you enjoyed "When a Rich Thug Wants You Series", you'll absolutely love this coming of age tale from bestselling author Pebbles Starr. "Your Spouse, My Sponsor 3" is a riveting, emotional rollercoaster of a ride, packed with drama, deception, and secrets that'll leave you shocked and in awe.

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