If Only for a Time

If Only for a Time
Language English
Author: January Fields
Published: Published
Genre: Womens Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.27

Rebekah Edwards is a young ambitious engineer who wants to make a good impression in her field.

Rebekah knows that in order to succeed in a male-dominated field, she must stay clear of drama and far from any hint of trouble. When summoned to the annual Sustainable Building Conference, she knows it’s the perfect opportunity. What she isn’t expecting is to be totally enraptured by one of the keynote speaks and she’s not only attracted to what he is saying.

Emile Martin is the epitome of the perfect man: handsome, intelligent, and confident.

He gets what he wants.

When he sets his sights on her joyful youth, Rebekah finds herself undeniably drawn to him. As he doggedly pursues her with his deliciously seductive charm, her apprehension gives way to insatiable desire at precisely the wrong time. As the days of the conference go by, Rebekah’s feelings for Emile intensify as she desperately tries to keep it a secret.

Succumbing to this man could be the very thing that ruins her. How can she keep her secret with so many eyes surrounding her?

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