Ransom Valley

Ransom Valley
Language English
Author: James Reasoner
Series Wind River
Published: November 14th 2012 by The Book Place
Genre: Westerns
Goodreads Rating: 4.28

The Wyoming Territory town of Wind River has gotten so peaceful that some people think it's downright civilized. But they don't know that a gang of vicious outlaws is planning a military-style raid on the settlement that will clean out the bank and the other businesses. Anyone who gets in their way will be cut down in a hail of bullets. Through a twist of fate, a beautiful young woman finds herself taken prisoner by the outlaws, and it's up to Marshal Cole Tyler and Texas cowboy Lon Rogers to pursue the desperadoes and rescue Brenda Durand .

. . if they don't wind up on the receiving end of some outlaw lead first! RANSOM VALLEY is a brand-new 42,000 word novel from award-winning authors James Reasoner and L.

J. Washburn.

It's the first new entry in more than a decade in the bestselling Wind River series and is filled with the same blend of action, humor, drama, and compelling characters as the first six novels. If you haven't paid a visit to Wind River yet, now's the time!

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