Incidental Contact

Incidental Contact
ISBN10: 1500880833
Pages: 340
Language English
Author: Douglas C. Pence
ISBN13: 9781500880835
Published: August 2014
Genre: Suspense
Goodreads Rating: 4.08

Maksim Andreev is a Russian immigrant who also happens to be a one-man crime spree. Drugs and extortion, bribery and murder, nothing is off-limits for the Russian. Maksim and Miss Heather Devine, his pole-dancing stripper girlfriend, have a lavish lifestyle, living off the proceeds from his life of crime. Javier Lopez is a homicide detective with too many open cases and a passion for justice, regard of the means. He is passionate, but he is tired. He has a loving wife and kids at home and his mission is to make the world a better place for them to live. The Russian has become the primary obstacle to that goal. Take the journey - as a single mistake leads to an accidental death which unintentionally results in the opening of a Pandora’s Box of murder, mayhem, and deceit. Unveil the winners, the losers, the innocent, the guilty, and quite possibly the road to redemption.

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