The Blue Dress Conspiracy: Tea Party Rules

The Blue Dress Conspiracy: Tea Party Rules
ISBN10: 1453739726
Pages: 188
Language English
Author: Jostelyn Younger
ISBN13: 9781453739723
Published: 2011
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.50

In Christianized Amerika, the War Against Abortion becomes terrorism... The Manifesto to Outlaw Abortion substitutes embryo rescue and forced implant into the conceiving father. When carrying a pregnancy to term endangers the life of the father, the fetus's life takes precedence. Birth control is outlawed. Trafficking in it becomes treason, subject to the severing of one hand. Journalist Gretta Marlboro naively chronicles the patriotic spin masking despotic abuses of power by radical Tea Party President Jedediah Bouche. Uncle Sam marries the Statue of Liberty and beauty queens dance in the streets, until a red-threat level terrorist alert is declared, and millions of Amerikans are arrested and disappeared under the Patriot Act. Brilliant Surgeon General Dr. Christian Karma's medical experiments, and a fundamentalist woman's confession to abortion, ignite a firestorm that spins out of control and entraps him in deliciously poetic vengeful justice. Only a gender-ambiguous prophet from the atom bomb test site can sort out the entanglements--after a drag race in the desert with the devil--in this rollicking satire of love, sex, politics, abortion and war.

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