Pages: 156
Language English
Author: Flynn Eire
Series The Enchanter
Published: April 11th 2017 by Supernatural Script Inc.
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 4.17

There are lines that should never be crossed, like torture without reason or experiments for insanity. When Dorian learns that the paranormals taken by the American government aren’t being killed as all their leaders thought, but enduring horrors most couldn’t stomach to watch, there is no doubt in his mind a battle is coming. Battles can lead to a war, one he’s not sure they can win so easily, and that means finding allies. Leaders on all sides are divided, arguing about who’s responsible instead of focusing on what steps to take, which leads Dorian to seek out an ancient darkness very few know where to find much speak on it other than rumors.

Neverthe, Dorian never has only one thing on his plate, and it’s not only Mikas on his mind but a bit too much “help” he has to clean up after. But there is still always someone to save, even if they have cat eyes and scrumptious ears. And what the bloody hell is going on with people saying they thought he was dead?

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