Harm's Way

Harm's Way
ISBN10: 0747591210
Pages: 243
Language English
Author: Celia Walden
ISBN13: 9780747591214
Published: 2008 by Bloomsbury
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.04

Review 'A subtle, sensual, absorbing tale' Grazia 'A dark, Single White Female-style tale set in a Paris that is as seedy as it is glamorous ... An observant read detailing life's harder ons, the care disregard of youth and the silent desperation of age' Glamour 'Gripping ... an enjoyable summer read' Observer 'Harm's Way has given us the modern-day woman, immensely complex morally and emotionally. It is also utterly engrossing and intriguing.' Jung Chang Product Description I always think that if you walk around thinking you can have anything you want, you usually can.

For confident nineteen-year-old Anna, finding men is easy, holding on to them unnecessary. Moving to Paris brings her a new job, a new life and a new friend in the form of a woman twenty years her senior, Beth. As they fall in love with the city, Anna is irresistibly drawn to Beth's warmth and charm. When Beth falls in love with an attractive Frenchman, Christian, Anna struggles to overcome her increasing jealousy. But who is her real rival: Christian or Beth? A sultry tale of betrayal and regret, Harm's Way traces Anna's story as she learns one of life's hardest ons: that if you believe you can have anything you want, you may end up with nothing but regret. About the Author Celia Walden was born in Paris in 1975 and lives in west London. She is the Senior Feature Writer for the Daily Telegraph having previously worked as a writer for the Mail on Sunday. She is a regular contributor to Glamour magazine, GQ and the Spectator and regularly appears on national television.

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