The Legends of Fyrsta Series Bundle: Books 1-3

The Legends of Fyrsta Series Bundle: Books 1-3
Pages: 1547
Language English
Author: Sabrina Flynn
Published: January 12th 2017 by Sabrina Flynn
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 4.33

A complete epic fantasy trilogy for fans of Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss who love compelling characters and outstanding world-building.

Over 1300 pages described as "...captivating and unique!" A land broken. A realm shattered. A race enslaved. Two thousand years have passed since the Shattering. Humans rule and the once powerful faerie have no more rights than a dog. Isiilde, a coveted nymph, is destined to be sold when she comes of age, but her formidable guardian, Oenghus Saevaldr, has other ideas. Unfortunately, even he - the Bloody Berserker of Nuthaan - can't single-handedly protect a nymph from men and gods alike. Desperate, he carries her away to the Isle of the Wise Ones to beseech a mad seer for refuge. A secret sways the ancient, but his choice comes at a cost.

A thousand wars have been fought over possession of a single nymph, and this one's mere presence proves disastrous. Isiilde's strange affinity with fire, stemming from Chaos itself, makes her every waking moment fraught with danger. As Oenghus strives to carve a future for the nymph, Isiilde trembles on a precipice, caught between the lust of men, the greed of kings, and an eternal struggle for dominance. As three powerful kingdoms vie to own her, the fire in her blood awakens, sparking a cataclysm that spirals into disaster. Includes A Thread in the Tangle, King's Folly, and The Broken God. "Riveting and epic!" "An extremely original tale." "Storytelling at its finest." "I can easily see the 'Legends of Fyrsta' becoming equivalent to the fantasy books that we all know and love from J. K. Rowling and J. R. R. Tolkien."

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