Cognac: A Liquid History

Cognac: A Liquid History
ISBN10: 1844034755
Pages: 128
Language English
Author: Salvatore Calabrese
ISBN13: 9781844034758
Published: August 1st 2005 by Cassell
Genre: Alcohol
Goodreads Rating: 3.43

It's called the noble spirit and king of brandies--and who better to explain why than the celebrated bartender and world expert on cognac?  This royal drink is his obsession, and before you're through with these elegantly illustrated, information-filled pages, it will be yours, too. Calabrese introduces the leading families and houses in the business and, decade by decade, gives the fascinating, sinful, and seductive history of cognac. Here, too, are the personal stories of those in the small area in France who produce the golden liquid, a summary of the distillation process from grape to cask to bottle, tasting notes for a selection of the finest vintages, tips of the trade, and handsome photography. An insightful reflection on a very special liquor.

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