The Missing

The Missing
Pages: 249
Language English
Author: Linda Style
Series L.A.P.D. Special Investigations
Published: July 27th 2016 by LMS Press
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.80

GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION The Cop… Clean and sober and back on the job, LAPD Detective Luke Coltrane has come to Santa Fe to make amends with his father, only to find his ex-wife at the family ranch. The pain of losing their son roars back with a vengeance, and worse, he can’t forget all that was good between them. Julianna is even more beautiful than he remembers. But getting involved again could be a huge mistake. If he doesn’t leave now, there’s no turning back. The Investigative Journalist… Julianna Chevalair learned early on to stand her ground, and she sure isn’t going to cave to a stalker’s threat to stop writing a series of magazine articles about missing children. She’s on to something that could help uncover a serial killer, possibly their son’s murderer. While hiding out to finish writing the piece, Julianna’s stunned to see Luke again but not surprised when old emotions arise. Guilt and grief.

Passion and temptation. It’s impossible to be near him.

But when a new threat proves her stalker knows where she is…she has nowhere else to run. The threat… As the killer closes in on Julianna, Luke vows to protect her. But he can’t protect her from the past or a pain that could destroy them both.

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