Refuge Book 2 - Darkness Falls

Refuge Book 2 - Darkness Falls
Pages: 124
Language English
Author: Jeremy Bishop
Series Refuge
Published: November 24th 2013 by Breakneck Media
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 4.25

Sam Lake awakens from an alcohol-induced stupor to find his town, Refuge, New Hampshire, is no longer on an Earth he recognizes. While he slept, the town shifted between universes, leaving behind loved ones, severing all contact with the world they knew and resulting in several deaths—including that of Sheriff Rebecca Rule. The new Sheriff, Helena Frost, and the recently deputized ex-Army Ranger, Griffin Butler, work to coordinate a response and figure out what’s happening to their small town, but they need help. Struggling to come to terms with the new, dark world raining ash on the town, Sam and his friends, Jimmy and Dana, volunteer to visit the local radio station and attempt to contact...

anyone. With his son Wyatt along for the ride, Sam leads the group toward the radio station, and the edge of town.

But the increasing gloom hides the denizens of the new world, who are slowly invading, as the darkness encroaches on the town, claiming one person at a time. The town of Refuge responds to the otherworldly with bravery and Yankee gumption, but can they survive as darkness falls? REFUGE is a serialized novel, co-authored by #1 horror author, Jeremy Bishop, and five other authors, including bestsellers Kane Gilmour and David McAfee, USA Today bestseller, Robert Swartwood, and newcomer Daniel S. Boucher. The novel will be released in five parts, every two weeks. The first part was released November 12, 2013. The story will also be available as one complete novel, as soon as the fifth episode is released. So read along as they appear or hold out for the completed novel. Either way, you’re in for a creepy ride.

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