Tumbleweed Christmas

Tumbleweed Christmas
Pages: 95
Author: Ninie Hammon
Published: November 30th 2017
Goodreads Rating: 4.67

A shell-shocked veteran. A shattered child. A Christmas miracle. It’s 1953 on the dusty High Plains of west Texas. Eleven-year-old Bonnie McGrath has lost her mother and aches for her father to return from Korea to fill the empty hole in her heart. But the father who left Muleshoe, Texas, three years before has come back home somebody else entirely. After nineteen months in a North Korean prisoner of war camp, Beau McGrath no longer knows how to love. Then a blizzard in New Mexico claims the county’s Christmas trees and the loss becomes for Bonnie a symbol of all the good in her life that’s now gone forever.

It’s Beau’s job to replace the trees and his creative solution rips a gulf between him and his little girl neither can cross. What will it take to make this father and daughter a family again? It will take a Christmas miracle.

Painted on the backdrop of the Texas Panhandle’s “Big Empty,” award-winning journalist and suspense author Ninie Hammon weaves a simple, powerful story set in a place and time that’s authentic down to the last prairie dog hole. It’s a story about ordinary people so real they’ll feel like family—who encounter Hammon’s trademark “dusting of the unexplainable.” Make Tumbleweed Christmas your Christmas present to yourself this holiday season. The story will break your heart, and then put it back together again.

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