The Highlander Who Loved Me (Heart of a Highlander Collection Book 4)

The Highlander Who Loved Me (Heart of a Highlander Collection Book 4)
Pages: 310
Author: Allie Palomino
Published: December 1st 2017
Goodreads Rating: 3.50

He saw her and knew he had to wed her...

She saw him and knew she never could. James Menzies was known as the Marbhaiche , the most feared warrior in the Highlands- and he'd just discovered he had a sister, Maddie. While visiting and getting to know her, he met Katie, Maddie's sister by marriage. And just as he never knew he wanted a sister until he met Maddie, James never knew he wanted to marry until he saw Katie. Katie Ramsay had had a difficult year. Surviving a violent assault perpetrated by Maddie's brothers, Katie was learning how to live her life without the security she once knew. The veil of innocence was brutally lifted from her, leaving her empty and scared. All of her dreams, all of her heart's desires, would never be realized. Who would love her after her assault? She was not the same woman she used to be. She felt broken. Until she met James. When she first set her eyes on him, her heart fluttered and her soul warmed...until she remembered that she was not worthy of a man like him. But James didn't see her as she saw herself. Slowly, the man who never knew he needed love, fell in love with a woman who never believed she could be loved. Not everyone shared the joy of their blossoming romance. A pact entered into before James was born, would force the Highlands to divide and cause... A Highland war. When the rival laird kidnaps Katie, could James save her from the madman who wanted the pact enforced, and would kill her to achieve that? Or would the love he just found with Katie be ruthly taken from him and then be forced to marry another? The Highlander Who Loved Me is a spin-off novel readers voted for, that follows The Highlander Who Saved Me . Both novels are stand-alone, however, it's strongly recommended that The Highlander Who Saved Me be read first. Please note, The Highlander Who Loved Me is a full-length novel at nearly 60,000 words (ends at 69%). The page count estimated by Amazon includes excerpts of my three other novels. Thus, not all of the pages in the page count, are for this full-length novel. Advisory: This book is not intended for readers under 18 years of age. This book is a bit more violent than my others. Additionally, this novel deals with a sensitive subject matter- sexual assault. While rape is mentioned, there are no active scenes of the act. The subject matter is discussed, and the heroine experiences brief flashbacks, but they are not descriptive.

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