Stages (Book 6)

Stages (Book 6)
ASIN B0749N997B
Pages: 90
Language English
Author: Karen Rose
Published: July 26th 2017 by Amazon Digital Services
Goodreads Rating: 2.50

Ian had read more than a few books on the study of hypnotism, but he never attempted it on a person, due to the fact that he was too nervous to ask anyone to volunteer. It wasn’t that he was lacking confidence in his ability; he’d already successfully hypnotized his family dog, but more that ,he knew he be really good at it, and be able to take control completely. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that responsibility yet. He was only 18. He did a magic act at the talent show that year, and that changed everything about his life after that. His first few tricks were a flop; the rabbit jumped out of his hat early, the string of handkerchiefs were peeking out his sleeves, and he dropped his deck of cards out of nervousness in the first minute of his act.

He managed to make everyone laugh, but the magic was gone. Out of sheer desperation, he called for a volunteer from the audience, and Misty Walker came up, the prettiest girl in school, at least in his opinion She wasn‘t the most popular in any sense, nor did she have the best body, but as far as pretty faces went, Ian thought she beat just about any other girl he knew, hands down. Only one other girl in the school even came close, and that was her best friend, Anne. “Are you going to make me disappear?” she asked.

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