Pages: 15
Language English
Author: Alex Jace
Series Incubus
Published: November 30th 2013
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.62

As an incubus, Kit can never give into his desire for ruth sorcerer Sebastian - in bed, Sebastian can claim him body and soul forever, binding Kit to serve his every pleasure. Yet despite the danger, Kit’s hunger is so intense that he can’t resist any longer. He craves this even more than he fears it. He’s ready to take this final step.

And Sebastian is going to show him exactly what it means to be claimed… 4400-word MM erotic romance. Excerpt: Finally, after all the waiting and hoping and longing, Kit was led to bed. He was dizzy with terror and excitement. Every little touch burned him; even Sebastian’s hand at his back was unbearable. Shivers took him, he was feverish with longing, knowing this would be exactly what he needed. Sebastian laid him down on his soft bed, looking over every inch of his exposed, vulnerable body.

Kit shivered under his eyes, torn between the urge to hide and the urge to offer himself. “Lie still,” Sebastian said, his expression predatory. “Hang onto the covers if you have to.” Sebastian slid down his body and settled between his legs. Those broad shoulders between his thighs held him open. Kit felt thrillingly exposed for whatever Sebastian decided to do to him. “Relax,” Sebastian soothed. “I’ve got you.” His strong hands slid under Kit’s ass, lifting and spreading, so that Kit was totally open to him. Kit bit his lip so hard it stung. Sebastian bit his hot, sensitive inner thigh, making Kit gasp, the slight rasp of his stubble there driving Kit crazy. One little nip and already Kit was fighting for breath. Sebastian licked a tantalising path up his inner thigh. “You’re cute when you’re desperate.” “Please.” It came out a whimper.

Kit had the feeling that was the only word he was going to need tonight. “Hush.” One slick fingertip slid down to find the pucker of his ass. It was unimaginably intense, the promise of that fingertip, bringing Kit’s whole body sizzling to life. Kit’s thighs reflexively tried to close, his ass tried to clench but Sebastian’s big frame was holding him ruthly open. That fingertip kept circling his pucker, playing with him. Kit squirmed under him, taut with anticipation, trying to push himself onto the finger. He was sure he would come the second it slipped inside him. Sebastian bit down again as that finger slid inside and Kit nearly did come there and then. Kit barely managed to hang on, his whole body tautening, racked with need. For a moment he trembled on the edge; his throat locked and he couldn’t force out words. “Ah! Please! Just fuck me.” He was panting now, thrumming. “You are so hot like this,” Sebastian told him in a smoky voice. “Spread open and eager. So tight on my finger.” Sebastian played with him, slipping his finger in and out, while Kit made strangled sounds. Sebastian rubbed that sweet spot inside him that made Kit arch off the bed with a gasp. Kit was pleading now, needing. It was unbearable. He squirmed, wide open and needing more. He tried to push himself down, take the finger deeper, but Sebastian wouldn’t let him. “Sebastian, please.

Please.” “Wait,” Sebastian said, and draped a heavy arm over his stomach to hold him down. “Until you’re ready.”

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