Tutoring Tucker (Silhouette Romance, # 1670)

Tutoring Tucker (Silhouette Romance, # 1670)
ISBN10: 0373196709
Pages: 187
Language English
Author: Debrah Morris
ISBN13: 9780373196708
Published: June 1st 2003 by Silhouette Books
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.50

Fifty-Million-Dollar Man A poor country boy who barely had two cents to rub together, Briny Tucker never expected miracles. The he won fifty million dollars and hired spirited oil heiress Dorian Burrell, one of the richest - and sexiest - women he'd ever met, to help refine his rough-and-tumble ways. But Briny's tendency to give cash to every down-on-his-luck beggar and charity in the great state of Texas wasn't exactly in his beautiful teacher's on plans... Dorian was stunned by Briny's generosity! And yet her determination to turn the rugged cowboy into one of society's elite was quickly overshadowed by long-buried urges that begged to be unleashed. Was she ready to go from teacher to student in Briny's capable hands?

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