Ancient Party: Collaborations in Baltimore, 2000-2010

Ancient Party: Collaborations in Baltimore, 2000-2010
ISBN10: 0984241118
Pages: 159
Language English
Author: Megan McShea
ISBN13: 9780984241118
Published: April 2014
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00

ANCIENT PARTY (http://ancientparty.tumblr.

com/) is a new book of writings from a writing group that met in Baltimore for 10 years and concocted count lush and hairy word bombs out of dozens of writing games played by an incredible assortment of masterful writers who are now in or have passed through Baltimore. The book is both a collection of writing and a how-to, with instructions for all the language games serving as chapter headings, such as "Biographies," "Goofball Oracle," "Lardings and Juicings," and many more. Make your own mayhem! Writers in the book include Blaster Al Ackerman, Stephanie M Barber,Lauren Crain Bender, Kim Carlin, Theresa Columbus, John Eaton, Mark Hossfeld, Bonnie Jones, Megan McShea, Jamie Gaughran-Perez, Amy Peterson, Adam Robinson, Ric Royer, Heather Rounds, Chris Toll, Kristen Toedtman, Matthew Turner, Marceline White, and last but certainly in no way least, Rupert Wondolowski.

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