Pages: 114
Language English
Author: Evelyn Glass
Series Devil's Fighters MC
Published: May 19th 2015 by E-Book Publishing World
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.40

Xavier wasn’t supposed to come back into her life like this Alyssa hadn’t counted on the honesty, hadn’t counted on the sheer starkness of Xavier’s truth, and hadn’t counted on reigniting a passion that she thought time had cooled. But there’s only one problem… They’re from different worlds, with different rules Xavier knows the difference between Alyssa and himself: she’s on the side of the right, the good, and the virtuous. He’s deep in the underworld of blood, drugs, and violence. There is no way to make their worlds compatible, no way to bring their lives together without an inevitable clash. But yet… A love worth fighting for Xavier and Alyssa are willing to fight for a chance to be together with each other, willing to fight to prove everyone else wrong. But when word of their relationship reaches the heads of the Devil’s Fighters—who demands that a man’s loyalty lies with the club before anything else—they’ll find themselves hurled on a path, if not to heaven, then hand-in-hand to hell. EXCERPT For the first time in eight years, the silence that fell over them then wasn’t uncomfortable. Alyssa scooted a little closer to him, and Xavier wrapped an arm around her shoulders. She leaned into his weight, and that was like coming home. A few moments later, his free hand was cupping her cheek and turning her face gently towards him. “I love you, Alyssa,” he said. His green eyes were as intense as she had ever seen him. Her heart was galloping within her chest, and for once that day it wasn’t out of fear. She had not heard those words coming from his mouth in eight years, and they filled her with joy and something indefinable. “I love you too, Xavier,” she said. It felt wonderful to say it. He pulled her closer still and kissed her—a slow, tender, gentle kiss that still made her weak at the knees. They kissed for almost an hour, like they used to do so long ago. They were starving for each other, and they both gave in to their instincts and needs. They kissed tenderly, and they kissed passionately, and eventually they both couldn’t take it anymore.

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