Claimed by the Werewolves, Part II: Blinded Obsession

Claimed by the Werewolves, Part II: Blinded Obsession
Pages: 43
Language English
Author: Crystal L. Shaw
Series Claimed by the Werewolves
Published: March 17th 2016 by Crystal L. Shaw
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.64

This is the 2nd installment of 3-part serial, Claimed by the Werewolves. This serial follows the continually evolving love stories of three relationships in the Shadow Falls werewolf pack. Note: It is essential that the 2 related serials are read PRIOR to embarking on the Claimed serial in order for the reader to become familiar with the backstory, and enjoy the continuing saga: Offered to the Werewolves (5-part serial) Taken by the Werewolves (3-part serial) ---------- They've been offered and taken - now they must be claimed! As a hot, bad ass vampire in leather, Veronica never needed anything from anyone, but she's the mate to Vince, a beast of a werewolf covered in sex appeal and lust. She's everything he needs. She's willing to mate the mutt, after all, she feels the same pull as he does, but when the claiming gets rough, Veronica's reminded of a past that turned her into the cold, hard killer she is today. Can he earn her trust and truly claim his wounded mate? Or will Veronica put the pup in the past, right where those feelings of her's belong? Shadow Falls has a problem as corruption is running rampant through the Authority, who oversees the paranormal population, and serves as a liaison with the humans. As Alpha to the most powerful pack on this side of the nation, Devin is determined to protect his pack, while making sure those at fault receive swift and severe consequences for their actions. With his beautiful, strong-willed mate, Ariana back at home, debating on whether or not she'll give him pups, he should be focused on getting revenge, but all he can think about is her. Lizie is a gorgeous, spirited, latent wolf radiating light and happiness, but her mates, the sexy, muscular Betas of the Shadows Fall pack, know she's suffering inside with the pain from her past. Her mates are opposite in many ways. One hard and savage, the other a skilled hunter with deadly sex appeal, but they share one thing in common, their love for her and their need to heal her agony. Tortured and broken as a youth, she learned to live in denial to become the sweet and loving latent wolf they've claimed. She can't get passed the truth they've forced her to face. Will she learn to accept that her wolf may never surface? Or will she hold onto her pain and never be able to give her heart to her mates? This is Part II of Claimed by the Werewolves, Shifters of Shadow Falls - prepare for cliffhangers!

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