How to Develop a Professional Portfolio: A Manual for Teachers

How to Develop a Professional Portfolio: A Manual for Teachers
ISBN10: 0205393411
Pages: 106
Language English
Author: Dorothy M. Campbell
ISBN13: 9780205393411
Published: April 16th 2003 by Allyn & Bacon
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.00

The text covers all of the basics, and more of what should be considered and included in one's portfolio. It has been a very helpful guide for many of our pre-service students. Dr. John R. Cannon, University of Nevada, Reno This versatile and practical book helps pre-service and in-service teachers create a teaching portfolio that can be used effectively in their interviews and throughout their teaching careers. This manual provides clear, manageable, step-by-step guidelines and tips for professional portfolio development that can be followed by teachers at all stages of their careers. This new edition now includes a chapter on Digital Teaching Portfolios to help students learn to create portfolios on the web or on CD-ROM. Special Features: *Specific guidelines for assembling portfolios, step-by-step procedures for portfolio development, and tips on how to organize a portfolio to document achievement of professional goals (Ch. 2). *Explanations of national teaching standards that form the organizing system of the portfolio; scenarios of actual pre-service teaching activities that illuminate the standards (Ch. 4). An extensive, annotated list of artifact possibilities helps stud

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