Blood Debt (Stony Man, #15)

Blood Debt (Stony Man, #15)
ISBN10: 0373618999
Pages: 352
Language English
Author: Michael Newton
Series Stony Man
ISBN13: 9780373618996
Published: February 1st 1995 by Gold Eagle
Genre: War
Goodreads Rating: 3.74

A string of shocking terrorist attacks has rocked the world from Lima to Berlin. Although the acts of violence are brutal and indiscriminate - with no organization claiming responsibility - a certain pattern is emerging that suggests targeted countries were not chosen at random. From the IRA to the Red Army, terrorist groups are leaving their own agendas by the wayside and taking payment to do what they do best - kill at will. When Stony Man launches a three-pronged attack at a terrorist summit, it is merely the first step in tracing the plot to its source and exacting a steep price - in blood.

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