Legend Mine (The Kataran Series Book 3)

Legend Mine (The Kataran Series Book 3)
Pages: 668
Language English
Author: T.M. Slay
Published: June 30th 2016 by Fantasy Publishing, LLC
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.67

As Reignor royalty, Terrah has always known her duty – until the day her Kataran father was murdered. A price on her head, her trust shattered, Terrah is devastated when it seems neither her mother’s gods, nor her father’s, are able to point her toward the truth. In order to keep her safe and find the culprit, her brother, the new King, has called in the best protection in Rignor Galaxy... Jacob, the Legendary Ancient Warrior of Warriors of the Katara, is going on what he believes to be his last mission – finding who murdered his mentor. Secrets are plentiful on the mysterious planet of Reignor, and Terrah's help is strained at best. The woman is walking, talking trouble.

Too bad he needs her... He commands Legendary skills, she the Legendary Fire, and together they have the Legendary Creature of Reignor to help them find the truth. But will the truth alone be enough to bring a murderer to justice, keep Terrah safe, and prevent Reignor from invasion? Jacob isn’t sure, but he's damn well determined to find out...

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