Second Chances at Last

Second Chances at Last
Language English
Author: Kimber Swan
Genre: Adult Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.80

Tristan and Kaitlyn left off in an awful place.

Tristan doesn’t believe in second chances but Fate has given him one with Kaitlyn. He swears he won’t waste it on the past and looks towards the future. Chance Industries is fully under his control now and running the family business is easier than running his own life. Kaitlyn must come to terms with her new life and the things she does not know. Her siblings are settled and happy, leaving Kaitlyn time for herself. The problem is Kaitlyn doesn’t know who she is. The only thing she does know is that Tristan is not the person she thought he was. Unfortunately, it takes another life altering experience to show the both of them what is right in front of their eyes. Now they are traveling another road that neither of them may be ready for. Will the past ruin their future or make it stronger? Fate has been on their side since the beginning, will she abandon them now when they need her most?

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