The Ravine: A Seattle Ghost Story

The Ravine: A Seattle Ghost Story
ISBN10: 1581166206
Author: Nick DiMartino
ISBN13: 9781581166200
Published: by Books In Motion
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.56

Ever since a mysterious, fatal accident in the ravine, university student Pepper Merlino's world has become a place of fear. Her artist neighbor, Joe Strozza, is tormented by nightmares. Eleven-year old Billy Beck, who witnessed the accident, has run from his world of fantasy into the dread horror of an unknown stalker. Pepper tries to concentrate on her studies, but her mother's grief is slowly tearing them apart. The entire neighborhood of Ravenna Springs is tense with suspicion and dread. Now, secrets from the past are about to sweep Pepper, Billy and Joe across the very boundary between life and death.

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