The Don's Bride

The Don's Bride
Pages: 100
Language English
Author: Amanda Horton
Published: July 24th 2016
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.62

**Is their marriage a scam?** Bonnie is the daughter of billionaire Louis DiMaggio - Chicago’s top Italian Don. With business slowing and her fathers health failing, she wants to turn things around for their family. But there is only one way this can happen. And thats to accept Leo Fontane’s proposal to marry him and merge the Fontane and DiMaggio families. Leo Fontane is as much a bad boy as he is ambitious . He wants to take over Chicago at any cost, and he knows it can not happen without the support of the DiMaggio's. Bonnie doesn't take long to fall in love with handsome and suave Leo, but she forgets they have enemies. Bonnie soon takes a blow and loses her dear brother. With Chicago's mafia lighting up with these two lovers, there is as much danger as there is romance. Can Bonnie really trust Leo's love, or are his intentions something else? This is a guaranteed HEA! And comes with 3 bonus stories. Now enjoy 4 stories for the price of 1! This Billionaire MOC Romance contains some steamy scenes and are suitable for adult audiences only

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