Andaman Sea

Andaman Sea
ISBN10: 150033684X
Pages: 308
Author: R.W. Magill
ISBN13: 9781500336844
Published: February 13th 2015 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre: Thriller
Goodreads Rating: 4.40

On the mean streets of a sweltering Cambodian slum, a penni mother of five makes a horrifying and fateful decision. In a desperate bid to save her family from foreclosure and homeness, she agrees to sell her fifteen-year-old daughter to human traffickers. A mob enforcer has been dispatched from Bangkok to bring the innocent young girl to her new masters, who are anxious to resell her into a life of prostitution and sexual subjugation. And on the high seas, a lunatic sea captain commands a fishing vessel manned by a ragtag crew of modern day slaves. The captain is beholden to his owners, and he will do anything to achieve his ends. Delivering the young girl to a buyer in Malaysia is a golden opportunity to turn a quick profit. The captain, the girl, and the gangster will find their fates entwined on the watery expanse of the Andaman Sea, where outcomes are unsure and the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher. One thing is certain: not everyone that embarks on their dark journey is destined to return. Inspired by actual events, ANDAMAN SEA is an action-packed thriller that will immerse the reader in a shadowy world where trust comes at a premium, death comes easy, and the price of a human life is always negotiable…

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