The Myth of Morality

The Myth of Morality
ISBN10: 0521036259
Pages: 264
Language English
Author: Richard Joyce
ISBN13: 9780521036252
Published: May 1st 2007 by Cambridge University Press
Genre: Philosophy
Goodreads Rating: 3.95

In The Myth of Morality, Richard Joyce argues that moral discourse is hopely flawed. At the heart of ordinary moral judgements is a notion of moral inescapability, or practical authority, which, upon investigation, cannot be reasonably defended. Joyce argues that natural selection is to blame, in that it has provided us with a tendency to invest the world with values that it does not contain, and demands that it does not make. Should we therefore do away with morality, as we did away with other faulty notions such as witches? Possibly not. We may be able to carry on with morality as a 'useful fiction' - allowing it to have a regulative influence on our lives and decisions, perhaps even playing a central role - while not committing ourselves to believing or asserting falsehoods, and thus not being subject to accusations of 'error'.

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