Hoverboard Business: Make Money Selling & Repairing Hoverboards: E-Commerce, Drop Shipping, Affiliate Marketing & Wholesale

Hoverboard Business: Make Money Selling & Repairing Hoverboards: E-Commerce, Drop Shipping, Affiliate Marketing & Wholesale
Pages: 66
Language English
Author: Johnny Amicci
Published: January 11th 2016 by Rules For Rebels Publishing
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.00

Hoverboards were the hottest Christmas Gift item of 2015 and contributed to some of the most viral Youtube videos of 2015.

You'd have to be living under a rock not to notice the popularity of these new Self Balancing Scooter devices. If you've been looking to start a business or looking to make some money online, look no further, you've found it! We have several approaches to profiting from this modern day Hoverboard Gold Rush. We tackle this subject from the angle of Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping for those of you looking to get started with little to no upfront investment. For those of you looking to throw a little money into buying inventory and selling online or locally, we have an e-commerce route focusing on the sale of boards as well as parts. Don't restrict yourself to just online, we also show you how to sell locally as well as how to start a parts and repair business in your city. With so many of these Hoverboards gifted during Christmas already breaking, it's already a thriving business. And Lastly, but not least, for those of you with a bit more financial backing to throw behind your business. We can show you how to get started importing and wholesaling Hoverboards. In this book we will be covering... 1. Hoverboards 101 - History of hoverboards and everything you need to know about boards. 2. Business - How to tackle this business from a wholesale, retail, e-commerce, drop ship, and affiliate marketing angle 3. Suppliers - You'll learn how to seek out reliable suppliers and how to buy quality boards. We'll teach you how to import as well as the pro's and con's of importing yourself versus buying from a US Importer who is already warehousing boards. 4.

Avoiding Scams & Losses - Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of this business. Everything from avoiding sending money to scammers, to how to keep your boards from being stolen by trucking companies while being delivered to you. 5. How To Sell - How to market and sell your boards. We have a plan for wholesalers, drop shippers, affiliate marketers, and those of you doing e-commerce. 6. My Story - How I got started and how I profit off of hoverboards in several ways. 7. Helpful Tools & Links - Some helpful tools and links for how to find suppliers, where to sell your merchandise, and some tools to help you create blogs and other marketing materials.

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