Setting Your Course: How to Navigate Your Life's Journey

Setting Your Course: How to Navigate Your Life's Journey
ISBN10: 1491723475
Pages: 428
Author: Greg Bourgond
ISBN13: 9781491723470
Published: March 28th 2014 by iUniverse
Genre: Spirituality
Goodreads Rating: 5.00

God is very clear about His purposes for you. If you want to live a meaningful life, it must be aligned with His purposes. You have a unique purpose to fulfill, a committed passion to embrace, a role to perform, unique methodologies-a personal toolkit-to employ, and an ultimate contribution to make. In Setting Your Course, author Dr. Greg Bourgond seeks to help you set your course, find focus for your life, engage in God's journey for you, and finish your journey well. He employs a three-part process to influence you to live all-out for Christ-the compass, map, and guide: The compass explains the importance of orienting your life in accordance with established biblical compass points. The map defines the trajectory you are to follow based on how God has wired you.

The guide stresses the importance of being mentored and mentoring others. Setting Your Course helps you formulate a deliberate strategy for determining your purpose; assists you in aligning your life according to God's plan; encourages you to become a proactive partner in fulfilling God's purposes and redemptive activity; and exhorts you to leave a worthwhile legacy in the lives of others."

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