Mean Mr. E

Mean Mr. E
ISBN10: 1502813319
Pages: 24
Language English
Author: Maxie Gluckman
ISBN13: 9781502813312
Published: October 30th 2014 by Create Space
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.25

Strong phonics instruction is the foundation of a quality education in English. This book is meant to serve as an educational tool, as well as an example for students that, despite their race or socio-economic status, their passion can lead them to success -- just like Ulises' passion for drawing. The story Mean Mr. E was inspired by students in classes that had experienced being made fun of, many of which tried to fight back and get their revenge.

Therefore, this book holds value as a “biblio-therapy” book in addition to its phonic value. Ulises Lopez-Alvarez was a student in Ms. Gluckman’s 5th grade bilingual class. He was chosen to illustrate this book due to his great creativity, as well as a personal investment as this student began the year without having fully mastered all of his phonetic rules. Ulises aided with this book in the hopes of helping students early on to learn important rules to be successful readers in the future.

Free teaching tips and literacy resources are included.

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