SickEST B*stards: An Extreme Horror SHORT STORY

sickEST B*stards: An Extreme Horror SHORT STORY
Pages: 31
Language English
Author: Matt Shaw
Published: March 18th 2015
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.96

SickEST B*stards continues from the end of SickER B*stards. To understand this short story, and wrap the events of Sick B*stards up, you need to have read the previous two titles. READERS TAKE NOTE: This is A SHORT STORY. It is intended for the members of Kindle Unlimited who have been requesting me for short, sick, bedtime stories. As part of Kindle Unlimited they are able to download this title for free. If you wish for a longer story to read, please do not purchase any of the White Cover Books (aka 'F*cked-Up Shorts' range of tales).

A good place to start would be The Black Cover Books (for lovers of extreme horror). sickEST B*stards continues on from both Sick B*stards and SickER B*stards, bringing the story to a shocking conclusion.

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