English Cat at Home

English Cat at Home
ISBN10: 0881624020
Pages: 0
Language English
Author: Matthew Sturgis
ISBN13: 9780881624021
Published: April 28th 1989 by Salem House Publishers
Genre: Animals
Goodreads Rating: 4.00

This highly illustrated book features famous people and their cats at home - in bachelor pads, grand houses, farmhouses, Oxford Colleges, cathedral cloisters and Downing Street.

The owners include Kingsley Amis, Desmond Morris, the Bishop of Leicester, Michael Berkeley, Carmen Callil, Alice Thomas Ellis and John Bratby. The book is a companion volume to Chatto's "English Dog at Home". The photographs are by Toby Glanville, a freelance photographer whose work often appears in magazines. Matthew Sturgis is a freelance writer working part-time for "Harpers and Queen". For both this is a first book.

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