Echo and the Sea

Echo and the Sea
Pages: 400
Author: Matthew Phillion
Published: June 16th 2017 by Lost Continuity Press
Goodreads Rating: 4.59

Echo always knew she had a strange connection with the ocean. But it's only when tragedy strikes that she's torn from her quiet life in a seaside New England town, thrown into a war brewing between the hidden city of Atlantis and the surface world.

She'll face were-sharks and assassins, deadly mermaids and giant sea monsters, and join forces with pirates, magicians, and a host of strange and mythic beings from across the seven seas. Along the way, she'll uncover the secrets of her past, her connection to Atlantis itself, and, she hopes, save the future of both Atlantis and the world above. Alongside the smuggler and sea-mage Barnabas Coy, her best friend Yuri, and the warrior Artem – the only living son of the Amazons – she'll find a wonder and horror, face tragedy and transformation, and become something she never imagined in her old life: a hero. Set in the same universe as the Indestructibles series, Echo and the Sea introduces another side to that world, one where magic and myth meets swashbuckling adventure. Journey to Atlantis with Echo and her crew and find out what wonders lies just beyond the horizon, and what nightmares lurk just below the sea's surface.

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