A Shorter Morning and Evening Prayer

A Shorter Morning and Evening Prayer
ISBN10: 0007219873
Pages: 536
Language English
Author: Pope Paul VI
ISBN13: 9780007219872
Published: January 3rd 2006 by Collins
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.88

A shorter version of the Morning and Evening Prayer, in a handy format, suitable for anyone wanting to pray regularly on their own or in a group setting. Shorter Morning and Evening Prayer is part of the Divine Office range, and is an edited version of Morning and Evening Prayer. It is designed specifically for people who want to pray alone and are seeking a regular, structured cycle of prayer. Being just the bare bones of the Divine Office, it will not be as daunting for the novice reader to get to grips with. As the user’s prayer life matures, they then have the foundation to allow them to move on to the fuller Divine Office. It includes the same four-week cycle of the fuller Office with Psalms, Scripture Readings and Intercessions.

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