Recollections: A Baby Boomer's Memories of the Fabulous Fifties

Recollections: A Baby Boomer's Memories of the Fabulous Fifties
ISBN10: 0557091004
Pages: 144
Language English
Author: Jim Chambers
ISBN13: 9780557091003
Published: August 14th 2009 by
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.61

As one of the first post-WWII Baby Boomers, Jim Chambers' childhood and early teenage years were in the 1950s, a remarkable decade for the United States that saw enormous political, technological, and cultural changes.

Although many books have covered the headline-making events of the era in great detail, few of these books give the reader a real feel for what daily life was like for Americans living in that decade, especially for kids growing up then. The author remembers the little nuts and bolts things of daily life for families during the fascinating decade known as the Fabulous Fifties. "Recollections" perfectly blends paying homage to the little day-to-day rituals with a larger scale examination of social issues and mores of the times, and it's equally entertaining on either level. "Recollections" is a warm, lovingly honest, and fascinating portrait of America in the mid-20th Century.

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