Defying Her Desert Duty

Defying Her Desert Duty
Language English
Author: Yoriko Minato
Published: November 29th 2016
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.33

At the age of fourteen, Soraya became betrothed to the Emir of Bakhara, her distant relative and ruler of the desert nation. Ten years later, an intrepid warrior named Zahir appears in front of her while she enjoys her freedom as a student in Paris. He has been sent by the emir to bring his bride back to Bakhara for the royal wedding: an order that Zahir can’t refuse after having his own life saved by the emir. Knowing that she will have no freedom upon returning to Bakhara, Soraya insists on traveling around France before they return. Their journey begins as they take off into the sky…

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