Outta Newark

Outta Newark
Author: David Mallegol
Published: October 6th 2017
Goodreads Rating: 4.75

Trouble started for FRANK BRUNO at age thirteen when his family had to relocate from a small town in Pennsylvania to Newark, New Jersey.

Gangs controlled the schools and the streets. If you were in a gang you had protection. If not, you were on your own. The gang came first, but often brought bigger problems. To escape Newark, his father moved Frank in his sophomore year to a new town, where Frank met Alice, the love of his life. He also made a friend in SIMON SILVERMAN, a studious young man who was being picked on. Bullies soon learned that the guy OUTTA NEWARK was not to be taken lightly. After a serious run-in with the law, Frank “joined” the Marines and changed his life. Frank and Simon remained friends through adulthood, and evened the score with those who deserved it.

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