Brain Games for Cats: Fun Ways to Build a Loving Bond with Your Cat Through Games and Challenges

Brain Games for Cats: Fun Ways to Build a Loving Bond with Your Cat Through Games and Challenges
ISBN10: 1770857648
Pages: 96
Author: Claire Arrowsmith
ISBN13: 9781770857643
Published: October 4th 2016 by Firefly Books
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.50

It's true. Cats love being with humans, and one of the best ways to strengthen that bond is to play together. Not only is playtime fun for the cat, it's a great way to provide mental and physical exercise. In Brain Games for Cats, each game or trick has been specially photographed in a step-by-step format that provides clear guidance on how it should be approached. A reward-based teaching method is used to shape behavior -- the mutual trust that this engenders benefits all aspects of the cat's relationship with its owner. The games are appropriate for cats and kittens, helping to keep them fit and stimulated at all ages. The contents include: Introduction -- Understanding your cat: Breed and temperament; Health factors to consider; Which games to play? Building A Bond -- Games that mentally and physically tone your cat: Sit Up, Stretch for Toy, Stand High, High Five, Paw Hockey etc. More Complex Games -- Retrieve, Fishing, Hoop Jump, Limbo, Hurdles, Leg Weaves, Obstacle Course, Bubble Chase. Introductory paragraphs describe the games' benefits; for example, the leg weave may help to prevent a few human-cat feet-and-paw entanglements. Notes indicate whether it is an interactive game, the best location to play, the level of difficulty, and the props required, such as treats, toys or boxes. The steps are explained in clear terms for easy understanding. There are about 86 million cats in American homes and it is likely that many of their owners do not picture their pet doing leg weaves. But they are mistaken. Cats can do and enjoy tricks, interactive games and playing with their people. Brain Games for Cats shows how.

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