Before the High No.5 - Faith's First Time

Before the High No.5 - Faith's First Time
Pages: 35
Language English
Author: Sarah Brenner
Series The High 0.5
Published: July 20th 2015
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00

Introducing a FREE erotic story featuring a hot sexy Mistress and the very first time she discovers what it feels like to truly dominate another man. This sexy story introduces an up and coming dominatrix and her experimental new boyfriend, but it’s really about a Pagan Mistress and the man she can never have.

This dark erotic romance series follows two passionate pagans; one a strong submissive poet and the other a smart sexy Mistress. Soulmates since birth, Derek and Faith were never lovers...just two driven spirits headed down two separate paths. Derek always dreamed of having a big warm family and falling in love with a woman nothing like his cold corporate mother. Faith had her practical heart set on landing a top floor executive suite by the time she turned thirty, hoping to settle down with a man completely opposite from Derek and her stir-crazy father. Heartbreak and betrayal forced the two friends apart, but it turns out they didn’t need each other to achieve their greatest goals. Now three years later and miles of unspoken distance between them, they’ve both dead-ended in the aftermath of finally getting what they always wanted. This new romance series is about addiction and loss.

Of walking on the edge without falling off, and never giving up on pursuing eternal happiness.

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