Rethinking Tan Malaka's Madilog

Rethinking Tan Malaka's Madilog
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Author: Qusthan Abqary
Published: March 5th 2011 by Apps Publisher
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Goodreads Rating: 4.33

Rethinking Tan Malaka's Madilog by Qusthan Abqary Some people ignore one thought base on like or dislike or even political or economical preference of the thinkers. I believe this kind of attitude could make big barriers especially not only in social sciences but also philosophy as well. One prominent thinker, politician, and even philosopher in the modern Indonesia is Ibrahim Datuk Tan Malaka who also was a communist for the most of his life time. His political preference on communism could be the unnecessary and unimportant barrier for others in discussing and exploring his thought not only in the New Order Regime but also during the Reformation process since 1998. I would like to say that Tan Malaka as a philosopher rather than politician, not only because he was failed as a politician – in order to gain the power because Soekarno is the one who was succeeded to take the power as president – but also he is success in explaining his philosophical thought through his magnum opus Madilog. For additional information on publishing your books on iPhone and iPad please visit

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