Really, We Are Only Animals

Really, We Are Only Animals
ISBN10: 1487415745
Pages: 90
Language English
Author: Kai Lu-Salnikova
ISBN13: 9781487415747
Published: February 9th 2018 by eXtasy Books Inc
Goodreads Rating: 4.62

Young, beautiful, on the verge of earning her PhD in English literature—and also desperately in love with two unreachable men, who take her desire and offer only empty promises in return—Anne Marceau's heart and mind are always at war. Stranded in the crossfire, her loneliness, confusion, and fear threaten to overwhelm her, despite a gorgeous surface that might convince all that the world is her oyster. In a small, Midtown Manhattan apartment in mid-June, mere footsteps from the university that defines her life, could a week-long reunion with a beloved, childhood friend, nearly a decade younger, help remind her that there is nothing wrong with having needs, and the need to satisfy them?

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