ISBN10: 1502363658
Pages: 280
Language English
Author: Jessica Prince
Series Deadly Love
ISBN13: 9781502363657
Published: September 30th 2014 by Jessica Prince
Genre: Favorites
Goodreads Rating: 4.15

he past always comes back to haunt you. Well my past is worse than most, and it hasn’t come back solely to haunt me. It’s returned to annihilate me and everyone I love. Now I know our pasts are tied together.

I should have stayed away. I should have continued to run. But I couldn’t. Gabriel is my addiction. No matter how hard I fight it, I just can’t let him go. My love for him is all consuming. I want him with everything I am. He gave me light when I’ve lived in a world of nothing but darkness. But the other shoe has finally dropped. Our pasts have returned. And they’ve set out to destroy us both.

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