The Time of the Singing

The Time of the Singing
ISBN10: 1613722036
Pages: 200
Language English
Author: Louise Blaydon
ISBN13: 9781613722039
Published: November 11th 2011 by Dreamspinner Press LLC
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.93

Raised by devout parents, Israfel Vacek is a teenager before he realizes he may be turning into someone his parents would shun. When he confesses his fears to his brother, Michael suggests Raf might be able to save himself if he joins the clergy. Though Raf is well-suited to the clerical life, enjoying the piety of his parishioners, his homosexual desires don't go away. Still, Raf is able to repress them, until one young churchman decides he wants Raf for himself. Nate Mulligan is a bundle of contradictions, a devout believer who insists their love can't be wrong, and Raf finds himself power to resist. At first, Raf puts his guilt out of his mind, but when a misunderstanding brings his relationship with Nate to Michael's attention, Raf realizes he has to make a choice: give up Nate to serve the Church and save his relationship with his family… or find his own path to grace and save himself.

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