Called to Awaken the Laity

Called to Awaken the Laity
ISBN10: 1845502248
Pages: 319
Language English
Author: John Oak
ISBN13: 9781845502249
Published: November 20th 2006 by Christian Focus Publications
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.33

In this insightful book, John Oak, who was Senior Pastor of one of the largest Presbyterian churches in the world, suggests that the Holy Spirit initiates a certain amount of unrest and turmoil within the church in order for it to function as salt and light in the world. Putting it positively, lay people are the best and the greatest potential the church has. Negatively, lay people are a serious challenge for the church if not mobilized. The answer to which perspective will prevail lies in the hands of church leaders. Rediscovering the biblical role of the laity demands a radical remodelling of the old framework of ministry.

Reformation is not an easy process to initiate or complete. It can place a heavy burden on a church leader if the laity are not fully involved in the process.

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