Highland Raider's Bride

Highland Raider's Bride
Pages: 28
Language English
Author: Amanda Horton
Published: May 13th 2016
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.41

Laird Eachann Malleville is the chief of the Marches Reivers, the infamous Raiders of the Northern borders of Scotland. He is a ruth, bloodthirsty highlander known for burning down villages without a second thought. Elizabeth is the beautiful daughter of the village chief that the Reivers have their eyes on. In an agreement of peace, she has to marry him to save her village.

The agreement is hollow, but Elizabeth is married. How does she fall in love with a man who has killed her dear ones? Eachann is ready to enjoy his slender possession, but Elizabeth would much rather kill than kiss him. Her defiance is surprising, but he is not to change his ways. Their marriage is stained with her hate, and his innate darkness. But it evolves through difficulty and danger. In the end, a change that seems impossible is made for them to fall in love. BONUS: 3 Historical Romance Stories & an Upcoming Book Preview. Warning: The story contains some steamy scenes that are full of thrill and entertainment, but suitable for adult audiences only.

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