Good Neighbors: Communicating with the Mexicans

Good Neighbors: Communicating with the Mexicans
ISBN10: 1877864536
Pages: 108
Language English
Author: John C. Condon
ISBN13: 9781877864537
Published: November 1st 1997 by Intercultural Press
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.64

Although linked by powerful economic, political and cultural ties, the citizens of the United States and Mexico differ immensely in what they believe and how they behave. In this revised edition of Good Neighbors: Communicating with the Mexicans, John Condon sorts through these differences, blending historical facts and practical advice for U.S. citizens. Learn how people from both Mexico and the U.S. assess each other and how they differ in terms of age, gender, sense of individualism and identity, verbal and nonverbal behavior, the importance of family, the appreciation of time and more. A great primer for those communicating with Mexicans on a personal or professional level, Good Neighbors helps foster good relationships between residents on both sides of the border.

Rarely do books grow in importance in their subsequent editions. John Condon's Good Neighbors is one that increases in value for our times.

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