The Chronicles of Blood and Stone

The Chronicles of Blood and Stone
Pages: 303
Language English
Author: L.L. Hunter
Series The Legend of the Archangel
Published: March 25th 2013 by L.L Hunter
Genre: Paranormal
Goodreads Rating: 4.03

The story continues in book two of The Legend of the Archangel. After the death of Kat, Jacob flees and goes off on his own But when he discovers that her soul is missing and being held captive by the Lucifites, he sets off on a mission to get it back.

Blackmail leads to revenge and revenge leads to blood. Will he fulfill his task, or will the bloodshed reveal a new side of Jacob? On the way he uncovers a secret plot, one that leaves the Nephilim race in danger of being wiped out. Will Jacob and his friends be able to stop the rebellion before it happens? Is love stronger than revenge? **This title is for readers 16 and above**

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