Be Mine, Valentine (Revolving Point, Texas Short Story)

Be Mine, Valentine (Revolving Point, Texas Short Story)
Language English
Author: Julie Lence
Published: January 2016 by Amazon
Genre: Westerns
Goodreads Rating: 5.00

Tom Porter moved to Revolving Point, Texas to escape his past. Taking the job as the hotel and eatery’s manager was supposed to ease the pain of his wife’s death, not heap more sorrow onto his injured soul. The eatery’s waitress is vibrant and pretty… and too young for the likes of him. Better he love Jessie in secret than make her a widow before her time. Trouble is, holding her in his arms and tasting her sweet kisses is what he wants most. Tracking a missing loved one brought Jessie Kane to Revolving Point. Tom Porter was her reason for staying put in the notorious border town along the Rio Grande. Handsome and kind… Tom may have thwarted her love on Christmas Eve, but he won’t do so again on Valentine’s Day. One way or another, she’ll wrangle a profession of love from him, and a lifetime of happiness.

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